Uncle Rico

Uncle Rico
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing your hand...

Playing cards and job opportunities are a lot alike. In both you don't want to tip your hand as to what you have been dealt. In cards you play very straight laced and calm or other players will make their bets based on your body's reaction. In a job opportunity, you can't tip what you have been dealt either. It may be wise to just play it cool and not jump the shark by giving out too much information as it could come back to bite you. When I say bite you, I mean it could fracture relationships and cause hard feelings. That is why you wait until all issues are settled and all the small parts operate as one.

Sometimes you have to make a step back before you step up. When one door closes another one opens and that is important. It is imperitive that your decisions are made with all scenarios covered and cleared. It may mean working with someone that you may not see eye to eye with. It may mean working for someone you admire and are inspired by. All bases must be covered and you have to make the best decision for everyone involved. Also you have to look at who needs you more? Is it someplace where your help will be appreciated, or somewhere that there doesn't seem to be a payoff. The decision is yours, the grass is not always greener.

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