Uncle Rico

Uncle Rico
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just some ramblings and observations...

I have a lot on my mind about a lot of things today. I guess I'll kind of tackle them on a first thought basis.

1. Auburn game vs. Clemson
Ugly and emotionally draining. I feared that we wouldn't come back, but the players fought through it and pulled it out.

2. Foley Football
They're good. Other than the loss at Daphne last week, they have pretty much dominated people. In Foley's 3 wins they have dominated and for a half they dominated Daphne, until a bogus call by the officials to eject Foley's best RB. I look for Foley to go deep in the playoffs and hopefully get some redemption on those Purple punks!

3. Elberta Football
We have an excellent shot to be really good. We played the best team in the county tough in defeat and dominated the other two teams on our schedule. I still think we can win out but Summerdale is tough. Bayside and UMS may give us fits, but those are winnable games in my book.

4. Oil Leak mess
I am glad the oil has stopped leaking! Now pay those who suffered and clean the beaches up as best you can. BP is going to screw it up though, I can feel it!

5. Kids
Kids are awesome. I love mine to death. They are full of life and funny without knowing it. They mean everything to me.

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