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Uncle Rico
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Auburn Football Musings 10/16/10

Another Satutday in the fall, another Auburn win. It never fails to amaze me though, how poorly our defensive backs play the ball on pass plays. It also shocks me that a back up quarterback, lights up our defense for 300 or so yards. It seems to me that we cannot put all the weight of the success of Auburn football on one mans back. Cam Newton is a man beast, but Gene Chizik needs to find a way to get our defense to play better in the passing game.

There were some questionable calls during the game but they went about the way they should have. They reviewed the plays on replay and they stood. Before there are conspiracy theories let me remind you, there were no ways to dispute the video evidence.

Will Auburn take the reigns in the SEC West? Who knows. There are still big games against Ole Miss, LSU and Alabama. Not to mention Georgia. They still have a lot of football to play!

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